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Hi Everyone!

It has been a while and I apologize for not posting sooner.  Once the weather turned to Summer I have been outdoors as much as possible enjoying the sunshine.

Last I wrote we were off to have our antibody tests as a family and it was Spring. 
Well the results were interesting.  My son showed positive for antibodies, but my husband and I did not.  What we know is my son definitely had COVID, brought it home from school and passed it on to my husband and myself.  Although my husband was very sick, he did not produce any antibodies.  And myself mildly sick - did not either.  The test themselves have also been under scrutiny for not being accurate.

So it continues - we remain vigilant, wearing our masks around others outside the home, washing our hands well and not socializing in person.  Until we have more definite facts, we are erring on the side of extreme caution.  Fortunately all of our symptoms are gone for the most part, but I do have other friends who continue to experience serious issues from having caught this.  Hopefully in the next year we will learn more about the after effects of this terrible virus.

Garden Update!

My terrace garden has been a real learning experience for me.  I am not sure what went wrong - if the soil wasn't healthy or maybe I just planted too much.  Don't laugh - but I did put in broccoli, squash, beans, cucumbers, basil, cilantro and tomatoes in a 2' x 4' space. I think I was just a little excited for Spring lol.  The basil is doing great and the beans, squash and cucumbers have flowers.  Hoping to see some fruit!  

I do want to share this beautiful picture of the roses I planted in my Mom's memory.

Flowers planted in my Mom's memory
They flowered beautifully in June.

I made hydrosol from the petals.

I know many of you have beautiful gardens and I wanted to share with you this resource - The Pollinator Pathway.  They are a great resource on how to bring more pollinators to our towns and grow our biodiversity.

In NYC our gardens are our parks and we have a spectacular one by us called The Battery.  Due to budget cuts our public parks are suffering and I have been volunteering weekly to pick up weeds - and after the latest storm - many branches.

The mask I am wearing is designed by Maria Popova using vintage botanical drawings.  Maria has a beautiful blog I love and here mask sales all go to The Nature Conservancy.  You can see and buy them here if you like.

If you are looking for a beautiful film to watch - I would like to recommend Fantastic Fungi.  It is a marvelous adventure in the power of regular mushrooms and how they mycelium network beneath our feet can teach us so much.  I met the Director Louie Schwartzberg a few years ago.  He does incredible work in filming nature and reminds me to stay in gratitude.  Here is a clip from his Ted Talk

Thank you!

Lastly I want to thank you all for your support of our new Hyacinth Fragrance.  To date we have donated $300 to the Philipstown Garden Club in my Mom's memory.  She would be so proud and so grateful and we cannot thank you enough.

I would LOVE to hear what you think of the fragrance!  Should we continue to make it year round?  Has it become a favorite in your home or are you staying with your personal favorite?  Drop me an email and let me know! christine@goodhomeco.com

Don't Forget!

We now have Organic Hand Sanitizer in stock. Everything on our site is still 30% off and will remain that way until we can all get back on our feet again.

I hope this update finds each and everyone of you enjoying your Summer as best as you can.  It has been different, but I am sure your will agree there is more to appreciate.  Things I once took for granted - the smell of a flower or the taste of watermelon  - have become great bringers of joy in my own life.  I hope that they have for you too.

Please comment or email me.  I so love hearing from you and would love to know what you are doing this Summer.

Be Well -



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