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Summertime brings us so much healing in the form of the suns rays to the bounty of plant life.  This is the time to enjoy herbs, flowers and plants in their natural form.  You may know them as essential oils, but having the actual plant is a summertime treat you don't want to miss.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy Summer's bounty is by making teas.  Pretty much everything edible makes a great tea.  I have four of them in my fridge now and drink them all daily.

Mint may be an obvious choice, but try these summer beauties - I found mine at my local farmer's market.


Lemongrass is a perfect tea for a hot summer's day.  It is helpful for digestion, high blood pressure and the lowering of blood sugar.  This is so refreshing on cold and also makes a beautiful hair rinse and face toner.  Pregnant women and diabetics should use this as a hair rinse only - due to its powerful properties in lowering blood sugar.

Scented Geranium
Rose scented Geranium has a lovely rose scent and do not confuse it with regular geranium, which is not edible.  Rose Geranium leaves are distinguishable by their leaves and light rose scent.  Use the tea to calm the nerves and aid digestion.  It is known to bring a feeling of wellness and also makes a great facial toner.
To make a tea, simply add a few of the cleaned leaves into a ball jar.  Soaking them in a bowl of vinegar and water is a great way to natural clean edible plants.
Place them in a large ball jar or another tempered glass that can withstand boiling water.
I pour my large 32 oz jars half way with water and steep.  Then I add cooler fresh water, cap and refrigerate.
Refrigerate your fresh teas for up to a week.  Enjoy a glass with dinner or lunch or even first thing in the morning.  They are an easy and natural way to bring health and wellness to your Summer routine!
Be well!



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