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When we think of Spring – most of us have visions of flowers bursting through the ground, green leaves and warm temperatures. The fact is Spring is quite different.

It is a time of ups and downs as we break through our Winter shell – just like the seeds in the ground. This takes a lot of energy and patience and often finds us struggling with the desire to be in full bloom.

Spring is muddy, a little cold and more daunting than delightful.
With that in mind, my protocol for Spring involves cleaning out the cob webs – literally and figuratively.

Take the time this season to assess your needs and be gentle with yourself. You are coming out of a Winter shell.

Make sure to self-care with hot baths – but up your exfoliating to remove the dryness from the previous months. Hydrate your hair with a fresh water rinse and a few drops of Orange Blossom (aka Neroli Oil).

Fresh orange blossom I found in Morocco

This scent has long been a favorite and is now available in all of our custom scented products.  Yarrow essential oil is a great addition to your body moisturizer – I add a few drops to coconut oil. It is a balancer and helps combat eczema, promotes circulation and is also helpful with seasonal allergies. It smells like a fresh green field and has a beautiful cobalt blue color.

I suffer from seasonal affect disorder and my body is craving the sunlight right now, but the cold, dark and rainy days are not yet gone. To help alleviate this – I use grapefruit and tangerine in my diffusers to bring brightness. They are also fantastic to clean with in a natural vinegar/castile soap spray like our Custom Cleaner.

Custom scented products are a great way to freshen up for Spring

Honor your instincts to renew and go through your closets and drawers. In my home I take a few hours a week when I can grab them and make it a point to donate anything I have not used in the last year or dust it off and start using it.

Lastly – I do a spiritual cleanse of my space – our Cleanse Air Spray  is perfect for this – but you can also use a scent you are drawn to – geranium and bergamot are wonderful and uplifting. As you spray through each room – set an intention for yourself and your home, calling in the joy and energy of the Summer to come!

Our Cleanse Spray is great to use to clear old energy and bring on the new
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