Dryer Sheets


Dryers sheets are an easy way to soften your dryables and leave a light scent behind.  For those who like a gentle, softer scent.  Use together with our Laundry Fragrance for a stronger, longer lasting scent.  Sheets can also be added to drawers, luggage, bags, anywhere you want to add fragrance.

20 Fabric Sheets

Place two sheets in the dryer at the start of the cycle. Dispose of sheet when clothes are dried. If drying synthetic fabrics, use low-temp setting on your dryer.

Fabric softener and fragrance in a non-woven substrate.

Beach Days - Change your home into a wonderful beach house retreat no matter where you live! Beach Days® captures the essence of a perfect day by the sea in a bottle.

Lavender - Calming and relaxing, our Lavender scent is a true rendition of the scent of Lavender fields found in Provence. It will bring the French countryside right into your own home! 

Summer Cottage - The fresh, green citrus scent of Lemon Verbena.

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