Since our humble beginnings on a stove top in 1995 - our focus has always been to provide our customers with the most natural product we can, while still being effective. 

The fact is - if it doesn't work, you won't use it again.  However we believe where there is a will - or a dirty kitchen to test - there is a way.  A great example of this is our Pure All Purpose Cleaner.  We experimented for years (3 to be exact) to create a formula that is vinegar and Castile soap based, that was effective AND does not leave a horrible vinegar smell behind.  The result was our new PURE line.  Clean, effective and as pure as a cleaning product can get. 

All of our products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free, and are 90% plant based or more and never tested on animals - in fact they are vegan too. 

Cleaning should be a part of a healthy home, not a detriment to it and we do our best every day to honor this commitment to you and our earth. 



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