Q: When will my order be shipped?

A: Orders are processed the next business day after being placed. They ship within 3 business days. When ordering custom made items, please allow extra time for your order to be shipped because these products are made to order. 

Q: Are The Good Home Co. products safe for use around children and pets?
A: When used as directed all of our products can be used around children and pets. As with all household cleaners, please keep our products out or reach of children and pets.

Q: Can I use your products in a high-efficiency washing machine?
A: Yes, our products are also formulated for H-E machines. You should use 1/8 cup of detergent versus 1/4 cup per load.

Q: Can I recycle The Good Home Co. packaging?
A: Yes, all of our packaging is recyclable, so please do recycle.

Q: Do The Good Home Co. products contain phosphates?
A: No. None of The Good Home Co. products contain any phosphates.

Q: Are The Good Home Co. products tested on animals?
A: The Good Home Co. products are tested on good people, not good animals. We ensure the safety of our products throughout the development process by using ingredients with long histories of safe use in the home, employing naturally derived ingredients whenever possible, and testing on human volunteers. Some companies say they don't test on animals even though they buy ingredients that have been tested on animals. We oppose this practice. We ensure our suppliers also avoid animal testing. Because of our commitment, we've earned a Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certification from The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics.

Q: Who develops The Good Home Co. products?
A: The founder of The Good Home Co. Christine Dimmick personally develops and tests every product we introduce.

Q: Are The Good Home Co. products made in the U.S.A?
A: Yes, all The Good Home Co. products are made in the United States.


Q: Are suds necessary to get dishes clean?
A: While most of us like suds, it's the surfactants (cleaning agents) in dishwashing liquids that really do the cleaning. If you prefer a lot of suds, here are some tips you can try:

  • Add our dish soap to the sink before adding water.
  • Run your tap water at high pressure.
  • Swish the solution with your hands to get the suds level you prefer.
  • Use more soap if you have hard water or you're cleaning very greasy dishes.

Q: How much dish soap should I use in the sink?
A: For a typical sink one or two squirts is all you need. For large capacity sinks or tubs you may need a little more.

Q: Can I use The Good Home Co. dish soap for things other than dishes?
A: Yes. When diluted with water our dish soap makes a great light duty cleaner for a variety or surfaces such as appliance exteriors, counters, chandeliers and light fixtures, painted woodwork, and more. However, it should not be used on unpainted wood surfaces. Before using it on a surface where you have never used it before check a small hidden area for surface safety first.


Q: Will The Good Home Co. Sheet & Clothing Spray leave a residue on my linens?
A: No. Our sheet & clothing spray does not leave a residue or create a build up over time. The scent will disappear after washing.


Q: How do laundry/fabric softeners work?
A: Fabrics have a natural tendency to become hard or stiff. Fabric conditioners contain fabric-softening agents, which allow fibers to feel smoother. Liquid fabric conditioners also provide a fluffing effect by preventing fabric fibers from matting together to form clumps during drying.

Q: Will The Good Home Co. Laundry Softener prevent static cling?
A: Yes it will. The biodegradable softening agents in The Good Home Co. laundry softener helps reduce static cling by preventing static electricity from building up in the low humidity environment of the dryer.