Our essential oil blends were developed with the utmost care and attention for you and your home’s health and wellness.  They are high grade, pure essential oil blends and each was chosen for its healing properties to promote specific benefits.
COMMON SENSE CAUTION: Due to the fact these are blends, we do not recommend our oils be used by pregnant women – as they contain several oils which may or may not be recommended for pregnant women.  They are to be used externally and in air diffusers only and are NOT for internal use.  If applied to the skin, they must be diluted in a carrier base.  They can be used up to 10 drops to ½ oz of base or 20 drops to 1 oz of base (with the exception of HEAL which should be used 3 drops to ½ ounce of base or 6 drops to 1 oz of base.  For use in our diffusers use 3 drops in our small Aromasens and 5 drops in the larger classic model.  For use in our car diffuser or scent ball plug in, add 20-25 drops.
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