Autoaroma Car Fragrance


Give your car spa worthy air with our new Autoaroma™ car fragrance device. 

Make your car an experience in aromatherapy.  A car can trap many odors – good and bad. The plug in stick will help remove the scent of lingering food odors, kids accidents, cigarettes, you name it. 

Simply plug in and enjoy freshly scented air for you and your passengers. You can change the scent with the simple switch of a pad.  No need to buy a new device.

10 pads, one device and a .5ml bottle with a white dropper for the oil of your choice.


Insert a pad and add three drops of oil. Plug in to your 12v lighter socket. It will gently heat the pad and release the scent into your car. When you have reached your desired scent level, unplug it and use again when needed. Add more of the same fragrance to the pad or change the pad for better scent strength. Switch the pad when changing scents.

Burlap bag, 10 pads, one device and a .5ml fragrance bottle with dropper of the oil of your choice.

Bartlett Pear – a scent of a sweet, juicy ripe pear. (NF)

Beach Days-
Change your home into a wonderful beach house retreat no matter where you live. Beach Days® captures the essence of a perfect day by the sea in a bottle. (SB)

English Rose – A delight to any gardener, this scent captures a freshly bloomed English rose. Not too sweet and a beautiful, traditional scent. (SB)

Fresh Cranberry – Sweet, bold and a strong scent - not tart. (SB)

Gingerbread – spicy, earthy and a touch of honey. (NF) 

Grapefruit – A sparkling sophisticated grapefruit scent that goes beyond the typical bath & body grapefruit scent - and makes a lovely and unique perfume. (SB)

Honeysuckle – The sweet, fresh scent of wild honeysuckle. (SB)

Hyacinth – A hyacinth in full bloom. (SB)

Italian Citrus- A mixture of lemon, orange and grapefruit scents. This fragrance has the scent of a freshly squeezed citrus fruit and is inspired by the fruits grown in Positano, Italy. (SB)

Lavender- Calming and relaxing, our Lavender scent is a true rendition of the scent of Lavender fields found in Provence. It will bring the French countryside right into your own home! (SB)

Lemon Grass- Refreshing and soothing at the same time, lemon grass is an earthy, green scent that is less lemony than verbena. This scent is 100% Essential Oil. (NF)

Lemon Verbena - Surround yourself in the scent of summer and Lemon Verbena.  This is also the same scent as Summer Cottage. (SB)

Lilac – The scent of fresh-cut purple lilacs from a tree. (SB)     

Orange Blossom- The scent of orange blossoms in bloom. Light, fresh and clean. (NF)

Pine Forest- The scent of a frasier fir Christmas tree in a bottle. You cannot help but think of the holidays and it mixes well with an orange or a cinnamon scent. (SB)

Pure Grass- The delights of a summer day and the smell of freshly cut grass are captured in our Pure Grass® fragrance. This is the scent of a weekend drive in the countryside, with the windows rolled down and the sweet breeze of summer is coming through. (SB)

Summer Rain – This fresh and clean floral will capture the beautiful scent of jasmine after a fresh rainfall. (SB)

Vaca in St. Barth's– Coconut, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches are captured in this fragrance. (SB)


Product ratings
Number of reviews : 19
Average rating : 4.8 /5
I love it but I unknowingly broke the cap on the bottle the first time I used it and half of the oil spilled out! So bummed!
My car smells so good!
Love driving with this fragrance in my car. Works really well.
Exceeded my expectations
Love the scent. I was driving down interstate and forgot I had plugged it into my car. Every so often I would get a pleasant aroma & for the longest I thought it was fragrant plants along the highway, but later realized it was the autoaroma. I love “Summer Rain”.
Works well in the car. Just love the scent.
Love it!
It was a requested gift for someone else
Smells nice, works.
Nice fragrance
This fragrance just makes me feel good all over!
My car thanks you!
I had never tried this type of air freshener for my car. It is wonderful. Love the scent!
I had never tried this type of air freshener for my car. It is wonderful. Love the scent!
great item!
I have been using the vacuum beads to scent my car and was very excited when I saw this. The oil smells wonderful! Can't wait to use it!
The plastic plug-in is quite bulky.
Smells great!
The auto fragrance kits are very unique. There were so many fragrances to choose from.

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